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Solidarity, honesty, benevolence and performance: these are the values that underpin CAHRA’s interim management offering, which has been regularly improved since its creation in 2009 in order to meet the operational needs of its French and international clients as closely as possible. This offering has been rolled out across Europe. Italy is the spearhead, after France – as well as in North America, India and China.

Succeed in your transition with CAHRA managers

Luigi Maienza
Interim manager

Our managers' expertise

CAHRA’s interim managers have a solid experience that gives them the necessary perspective to intervene effectively. As true experts, they actively use their professional experience as well as a managerial “toolbox” to respond to each issue, taking into account the culture and specificities of each organisation. Several key skills structure their missions:

  • Interpersonal intelligence, fuelled by emotional intelligence;
  • Active listening and empathy;
  • The meta-posture or “sidestep”

Have a needs assessment carried out by our experts

The initial meeting offered by our interim management firm aims to gather your expectations during an in-depth discussion involving the interim manager and the project manager, who is responsible for supervising the procedure by providing an outside view as well as additional expertise. It is at this stage that the drivers of change are explored – the culture, men and women within your company, your personal commitment to the transformation.

How does it work?


Needs assessment

This very first step gives rise to:

  • An initial meeting to address the needs expressed by the client (as previously mentioned);
  • A feedback meeting to share an initial management action plan, which will be refined once the interim manager has started the project.


Putting in place the necessary resources for the transition

It is at this stage that the following are carried out:

  • The alliance and communication – with or to the client and the teams involved;
  • Identifying the changes to be made;
  • A very detailed action plan, which takes into account all the operational realities;
  • Identifying natural leaders to support and drive the transformation, even after the interim manager has left;
  • Quick Win, to show the changes that can be achieved very quickly;
  • The release of limiting beliefs, often unconsciously at work in the background
  • Working with the interfaces, in order to take into account not only the identified problem but also its impact on its environment.


Monitoring of changes and results

For the transformation to be sustainable, two mechanisms are essential:

  • Reporting is carried out in order to measure actions taken, the progress of the action plan, as well as the performance of the actions taken and the ability to sustain it over time. To this effect, these reports aim to identify trends and look to the future;
  • The end-of-project assessment, which seeks to ensure that the teams have properly made the appropriate changes, via the tools, assigned duties and operating methods – under the logic of a “system” that has become a selflearning system

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What is interim management?

This is a managerial solution that consists of temporarily entrusting a management position to an external manager. The purpose of what we consider to be a fullyfledged profession – interim management – is transformation through management. We intervene when two factors come together:

  • When the organisation needs resources, in the event of a vacancy;
  • When the organisation is currently in a state of transformation, transfer or radical change of direction, which requires the integration of a person able to accompany the teams in said change.

What is the difference between an interim manager and a transition manager?

Unlike interim management, CAHRA’s interim projects do not only meet the need to replace a managerial position. The projects that our interim management firm carries out include a strong transformative dimension, which will be reflected in the internal processes and managerial culture. The interim manager sets in motion the tools and methods to bring about change, involving the internal staff in a co-construction process, whereas the interim manager is content to occupy a position until a new manager arrives.


The very name CAHRA is testament to the difference and added value of our interim management firm. Indeed, the latter is a reference value at international level; we have added the H to stand for Human being, because it is at the heart of our concerns, as much as it is the key to successful transformations. Our belief is both simple and ambitious, basic and subtle to implement: to operate the transformation from the existing, with the men and women within the company and by successive “touches” – without rushing the system.


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